About Me

I’m a Boston area librarian. I’ve been interested in this idea for years, and the internet and blogging finally made it possible.The goal is to collect 1000 stories of people folding 1000 origami cranes. Hopefully you’ll be as inspired and entertained as I am by the concept, that it will brighten your life in a sometimes dreary, dark and depressing world. 

I’ve folded 3000 cranes myself for various wishes. And intent to fold another 1000 for this blog. Did I get my wishes? Once that I know of. What did I wish for? Well, none of them was world peace- or we’d know it. 🙂

So, why 1001 (and not a proper 1000)? It seemed a little vain to add my own story in with the 1000. I felt the 1000 should stand on it’s own, and then add mine in for luck. Is this willfully adding to what could be called ‘crane inflation’? I hope not.

This blog may also drift into related topics. History of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, and the Hibakusha (survivors of the atomic blast), and what is currently happening now are closely related in my mind to folding a thousand cranes. I will be careful not to add too graphic pictures. 

I hope you enjoy going on this journey with me, and all the twists and turns it will take.


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