A quick word on methodology.

I promise we’ll get to some crane stories soon!

I want to talk briefly about how I’m planning on going forward with this project. Here’s what will and won’t be included in the blog.

Only information that’s publicly available, or previously agreed upon. If you can’t find the information on the internet with a simple search, or I haven’t gotten permission, then I won’t be sharing it in my posts.

I won’t be talking about every story in posts. Some of the information is too vague, incomplete, or impossible to even begin researching. I’ll just add it to the total count, with periodic updates on the current numbers.

Only finished 1000 cranes projects will go into the count. I will talk about current projects happening to fold cranes, but not add them to the completed list just yet. 

I will talk about other origami crane related topics. There are a large number of topics related to folding origami cranes: statues, art installations (that may or may not have a full 1000 cranes in them), historical figures, etc. Each story I find seems to be multi-faceted with different research angles.

There you have it. Four guiding principles at the moment. I’m sure there are other things I’ve forgotten about, but I’m also sure they’ll present themselves soon enough.


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