Origami and Kit Kat chocolate bars

Perhaps you were wondering how long it would be before I could link origami and chocolate together in one post? (Truthfully, I actually was wondering about that.) It continually amazes me how origami interconnects with so many different categories.

In Japan, Kit Kat bars are not just chocolate. They are given to friends, family and co-workers as souvenirs after trips. Considered a good luck charm, they are also a favorite with students before exams. The name Kit Kat is close to “Kitto Katsu,” a phrase that translates roughly as “You will surely win.”  I saw one estimate that nearly 4 million candy bars are sold annually. 

Unlike in America, Japanese Kit Kats are released in a staggering array of flavors (over 200 in total). Many flavors are regional or available on a limited basis. Some I can see would be very popular in the United States: strawberry, cappuccino and creme brulee. I’m trying very hard to imagine some other flavors: corn, red potato and soy sauce.

How does this relate to origami? The Nestle company hopes to make all its packaging recyclable/reusable by 2025. Nestle Japan is swapping some of the plastic wrappers on Kit Kats to matte paper. This redesign will include instructions on the wrapper for folding origami cranes. So, you can have a snack and then make origami cranes that smell like chocolate. 


(This author supports fair trade chocolate and sustainably sourced palm oil.)

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“Nestlé is replacing the plastic wrapping on Japanese Kit Kats with paper versions that can be made into origami.” Insider, Mikelle Leow,  Aug. 12, 2019. Accessed August 16, 2019.


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